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Happy New Year - December 31, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Happy New Year

Happy New Sidereal Year!!

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Nice New Year's comic Mike!! Happy New Year by the way...see you next year! (Tomorrow hehe)

Happy New Year!!

But when does the sidereal year begin? From what I've found out just now, it's only a time unit, not a calendar.

There's no clear marker to use -- unlike for the standard, tropical, year, which is fixed to the equinoxes. You could define a start for sidereal years based on "standard epoch 2000.0", but that's too complicated to describe here, and wouldn't give the result these math nerds want. They just added the 20 minutes difference to the time from the beginning of tropical year 2010. It's a tad bogus. Actually, if you wanted to follow sidereal years in the same way we follow tropical years, you would change the schedule of leap days. Your year would still start at midnight, but shift over a day every 70 years or so.

Happy New Sidereal Year to you, too! And thanks for a great year of comics. :)

no new years eve midnight kiss???
those girls certainly look frightened before leaving the room, maybe you should change your approach when trying to integrate them to your group.

just saying

Is this a derivative joke? Maybe because they are operators, but the set they are working on is not closed....

dont you have to do that later and later each time? did you just start last year?

That was delightfully nerdy. :D

I only celebrate prime years so...
Happy new prime year!

Why are the windows blue? New year's is at midnight, so they should be black.

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