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How Professors Think - December 27, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - How Professors Think

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So true.

if the teacher keeps doing it i might as well be number 3...this is 2th grade all over again...


Sadly few of them think like this. Most of them just make you write loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring assignment which is just a waste of time.

pretty weird.
I study EE (first year, first degree) and I have no choice as far as courses go, at least for the first 2.5 years.
cannot drop out or anything...

When I was doing my A levels at secondary school (final two years in the UK) my teacher gets a class of 12 people. He says thats way too much I want to be down to 6 by Christmas. He got down to 8. Worked out pretty well for the ones that remained.

Are you sure you weren't doing Further Maths at Blackpool Sixth?

In reality things just doesn't happen this way. Tonnes of students will drop, say in Phase I of add-drop, but another tonne of them, unaware of what happened, will add in after Phase II. The professor will probably end up with a bunch of students from the final phase who sulk at their luck.

I took one class with only three students enrolled, one of whom never showed up. e were given a pass-fail midterm passed on showing up to sign in for the "test". That reduced the class size to two.

If only high school teachers could do this ...

I haven't had math profs do this--but one Latin teacher did say this out loud to the class: his objective was to reduce the class size by half in two weeks...

I think he made it, too.

It's worse when it's a required course. :-(

Well, one professor (analysis) did this, and... well, 200 beginners, one year, 15 remaining...

When I started studying in germany a lot of students wanted to get a degree in computer science as they've been told to habe a better chance in the job market, better salary, maybe coding games etc.
Also the class "linear algebra for computer scientists" and "analysis for computer scientists" could be held because the professor had gotten ill two days before classes started.
So the "linear algebra" class for math students was packing a whole 800 Students instead of 10. The prof reduced this by half after the first class. After the second week we were down to 50.
At the end we've been 19 students, 13 who passed (7 math students, 2 cs students, 3 physics student and strangely an english language student who did math as a hobby) and six that hoped they would get enough out of it to pass the class next time.
I realized the following term that the prof actually put the classes "linear algebra", "advanced linear algebra", "algebra" and a part of "algebra II" into one without cutting out any of the material and that he did this every time he taught this class because he didn't actually wanted to hold it but had to do it and most of the time had an empty room after three weeks into the term.
Of course I still had to take the other classes because we only got credit for "linear algebra" :-(
Also about 80-90% of the first term student sdropped out of computer science this year, althought that might be due to wrong expectations what cs is about.

holy interminable comment batman!

smallest class ever taken. CS for the IB this semester [SL] 12 students, among them my ex-gf, me and 10 friends... male friends :F

I took a point-set topology course that started out with only 7 people but the professor actively tried to recruit more.

As an English language student who takes maths as a hobby, I would like to say we aren't as rare as you might think. There were four of us at my university when I graduated.

I had a Religion major in my Mathematical Logic class. The prof was impressed that they stuck with it.

Heck--I was a Chem major, Math minor (they didn't have a major where I graduated)--and also Latin, Philosophy and Religion. And never dropped from any class I signed up for.

The last year, I was one of the students they had to schedule around, because I was in so many odd classes I needed for my minors and major...

How did you possibly write so much?

At my high school (I am a freshman, and I am in a special program for mathematics science and computer science.) I am in a special math class for pre-calculus in 2 semesters instead of 3, a class called 'functions'. On the first day, there were a lot of people who had taken Algebra 2 mostly. Our teacher said that he had made the first test really hard on purpose so that lots of people would leave the class because he didn't think it was the best idea for everybody, and that the class was the largest he had ever had. (The tests are hard but class is fun)

I have a physics lecturer who is sort of like that. He always takes the first section in the 2nd year Physics course, and usually halves the class in 2 weeks (from about 15 to 7). In my year (2010), we lost no-one in the first two weeks, and only one person dropped through the course of the year. He came into one lecture, and was like: "Class, I have failed you, you're all still here!" and brought us pudding to make it up to us... :D

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