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TSP - December 24, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Travelling Santa Problem

Spiked Math Comic - Travelling Santa Problem Poem

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nice, I love math versions of songs, speaking of which has any one seen the video "I Will Derive"? it's hilarious. YouTube search it right now

Too bad "differentiate" doesn't work as well in song.

one of my favorites of all time... its so awesome :')
i wish i had the free time to do one of those

Hahaha... it's freakin' awesome!

Hey--he's lucky. I forget which math-nerd was so bad at calculating, that even just his presence could make others make errors...

A mathematical version of the Pauli effect?

Happy Gravmas, everyone!

Yep! And it's even worse, since bees have shown some skill at solving a Traveling Santa problem, based on what I've heard in the news... [I can't access more detailed info. :-( ]

Travelling Santa Problem... nice.

Oh TSP... I wrote a program that takes the black points from a picture and then draws a tour using a very basic heuristic. It looks kind of cool but I'm sure it's leagues below what you're doing Mike. Happy Holidays!

"There are four lights!"
Poor mathlete, his peers are so dumb the best math insult they could come up with involves basic arithmetic! Not even pre-Algebra!

Sorry kids, but everyone knows that the square of Santa is less then zero so this never happened. :)

Topologically this Santa looks just like an easter egg.

Strange ? Maybe not...

Happy Halloween!

(25 dec = 31 oct)

Also works if Thanksgiving falls on Nov 27!

What's wrong with 1 + 3 being 5? :D

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