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Wish List - December 21, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Wish List

Happy Holidays to all!

(P.S. Updates will be sporadic for the next two weeks.)

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You can get a Klein bottle and Möbius scarf from http://Klein-bottle.com, but if you want to drink water from the Klein bottle, it's best to get the Klein stein. It can fit all the water there is inside it. I labeled the inside and outside of my Klein bottle with Möbius strips so I wouldn't get them confused. Unfortunately, I accidentally smashed that one earlier this year :( I'd make a joke involving its dimensionality, but all the good ones have already been made on the Klein bottle site.

Thank you Angela! That is an awesome site!

Rubik's hypercube can be downloaded here:

-- Santa

I've got a hard time imagining how möbius socks would look like. Or can someone show a sock-like object with only one side? :)

What? No elementary proof of the four-color theorem? No proof of The Goldbach conjecture or the Riemann hypothesis?

Of course not. It's no fun if someone just gives it to you.

I could live with it if he'd just give me a hint...

You people have no idea what happens to computer scientists that have been not so good. They dream a conclusive 1-page proof for P != NP, but magically forget it before having the chance to write it down. Santa's a bitch :)

Strange, I dreamed a proof that P == NP. Guess I've been writing too many factorization algorithms...

As a matter of fact, that only happens to very bad computer scientists / mathematicians -- oh, and of course to good cryptography people: Imagine the relieve when they wake up :)

Really, Latex underwear?

<\begin fabric><\lleg><\cdots><\rleg><\end fabric>

(Is what I meant to say...)

LaTeX is ZE best mathematical text editor. Read any math paper or thesis, you have a 90% probability it was written with TeX / LaTeX / MikTeX / etc.

It would be a Rubik's TESSERACT - a hypercube is n-dimensional, whereas a tesseract is definitively 4-dimensional. If you want a Rubik's hypercube, you will have to define another parameter - the dimensionality.

Maybe he doesn't care about the dimensionality, or wants as much as Santa can manage. A tesseract would be nice; a 7-dimensional hypercube would be better. No point limiting the request to a tesseract when you're talking to a magic present man.

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