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Computer Scientists - December 15, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Computer Scientists

P.S. Angela has posted the exciting conclusion to LaTeXman!

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Is she a FAT32 girlfriend?

Girlfriend.Species... hmm...

Not a given on the internet...

These numbers are meaningless without units!!

It's totally cool, bro! They're mathematicians, not physicists.
(cf http://spikedmath.com/290.html)

Obviously 168 is cm. That's a 5'6 girl. 132 can't be pounds unless the guy on the left is wrong, because according to World Health Organization standards, a 5'6 person weighing 132 lbs has a BMI of 21.3, which is in the healthy weight range.
If both measurements are in the metric system, that's 132 kg, which is 291 lbs, and that would make a 5'6 person morbidly obese.

I think the point is that he changed the Weight attribute to 132 (lbs).

That is what I'm inferring, but it could've been that he put the weight in using the incorrect units. Since she isn't too tall, we can conclude metric units, but the new weight is obviously imperial, not metric. That could've explained why she was too fat in the first place.

That's what I thought too (although I assumed it was kg, because who would mix metric and imperial measurements in the one program? I mean apart from the Mars Climate Orbiter team.)

And, we all know how successful the Mars Climate Orbiter was...

Your girlfriend's so fat, when she tried to orbit Mars, Mars tried to orbit her instead, but it couldn't go fast enough!

Or 'fall's so fast

I didn't notice the cursor at the end of the Weight attribute line until I read your comment...

Using a string, not an enum for Species? That could be dangerous... what if he typoed it and turned her into Humin ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humin ) ick...

Nice, a computer science joke.
I still get the creeps to think girlfriend was an object! Make it a damn pointer!

I agree. If you make even the slightest mistake, pointers can make your life a headache.


Using a pointer would allow you to change girlfriend without having to define each attribute separately.

Also, not doing encapsulation is bad. Unless it's only a structure, which in that case there is nothing to be done.

I was not talking about pointers. :|

Yes, you should never objectify women.

I have a pointer to my girlfriend ...

Pointer? I didn't even know'er.

you had to have it your way and made your girlfriend an object... that's sexist, you know... women have rights

lol jk n.n this is the internet for a reason

your gf so fat she collapsed due to her own weight into a black hole

It would be nice to add a "gender" property though...


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