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The Mathematical Fortune Teller (part 3) - December 14, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The Mathematical Fortune Teller (part 3)

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Wait, wouldn't that require something like 30 million tickets to be bought?

The probability isn't based on how many tickets are bought, it's based on the combination of different numbers possible. Which means it's still 0.0000000349... whether one person plays or a million people play.

Ah, guess it just works differently than in my country, then. Here they shove all the purchased numbers in one big pool and draw from it

Hahahaha that's not fortune telling XD

But he's always right. Unfortunately, as weather announcers know, being 100% correct doesn't give any information.

You mean.. "Temperature in New York would be higher than -140F and lower than 200F"

Yes, something like that. Or: It will either rain, or not rain, today.

Shouldn't that be "assuming you buy one ticket"?

"purchase a ticket" and "purchase one ticket" is the same.

Why did she come back after the first time?

exploring the probability of Mike being able to tell real fortune someday ;P or she likes him ;)

If she's really meant to be with Mike, it's both. ;)

Am I right or am I right? (With that logic, you know I'm right!)

or to get her $5 worth of it

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