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Angela's comic - December 9, 2010
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Congratulations to Angela for wining the "best answer ever" award (as judged by zoid). Her prize is her comment in comic form:

Spiked Math Comic - Latexman superhero

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ZOMG! I was actually thinking of making my own comic along those lines (in which 'man latex' would have summoned LaTeX Man and 'man perl' would have summoned frame 7 of http://xkcd.com/208/), but you spared me the trouble! Thanks, Comic Man!

Detexify seems pretty awesome, too.

It's all yours!

Although, it would be interesting to see any versions you create :D

Well, I just extended this storyline to its illogical conclusion: http://wp.me/pcDRQ-cP

Hey, we're popular :)

Well, how do you get a cute accent anyway?

You either buy one with a good genealogy or, in case you cannot afford a cute one, you can buy a grave one and train it to become cute (often with a circumflex middle stage, don't be alarmed if it looks a bit funny at first). It will take some years before the training is fully complete and you have to be careful to not over train so it becomes a macron instead.

go to europe and stay there for 10 years lol

I have lived in Europe most of my life save for 4½ years in the US. But my accent is still so obtuse. What do I need to do?

Also funny: Looking at the manual for the command "mount"

Work on lowering your Erdős number. When it reaches 0, you will have a double acute accent.

Also, with 6448^20 different bricksets, you get something in the realm of 1e+76 (I'm taking away some because many can't connect with other bricks).

Did anyone notice that the monitor says "Can you see this?" in the 1st and the last panels?

"Can you read this?"*

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