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Worst Superhero Ever - December 8, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Worst Superhero Ever

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I can read this :D

I wonder what's in his utility belt.

More code.

The ams packages

I can read this.

Yeah, I can read that too :)

"can you read this? \cdots 2\alpha_n" that makes sense...

You mean "best superhero ever", right? ^_^

I'm puzzled. I can read "Can you read this?" and the LaTeX, but I think I'm missing the punchline. Possibly it's a "Latex Sucks" joke?

Latex is like democracy: It is the worst typesetting system except for all those others that have been tried

So then his costume is made of . . .

So much better than "Clip-it"

but... where's the keyboard ?

but wheres the arms?

The hero I need to save my paper!

Soooo, since I'm kinda stuck with my thesis.... to call him, I just add \usepackage[hero]{latexman} in the preamble and then hit compile, or?

I think you just open a terminal and type 'man latex'


how come I didn't think of that, it's so obvious xD

Woah, "man" and "latex" sound so wrong together...

It helps to remember it's pronounced "Lah-tech" or "Lay-tech". (Also, it's spelled LaTeX. Officially, that is). ;)
Is his sidekick TeX-in?

officially it's spelled with a Chi...

This is simply fantastic!

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