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Grant Applications - December 5, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Grant Applications

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Ducks *and* alligators? I may have to get in on the research grant. Where'd that application....?

Riemann... existing animals... creating new animals...?

Will people just give this Robinson/Keisler - Bishop thing a rest already?

Let's just agree that hyperreals are cool because they contain the word "hyper" and it sounds like it's from the future. And let's also agree that intuitionism is cool because sometimes you just wanna sit back and say, "Yeah, that sounds about right."

At this point, we can then all go to the campus pub for microbrewery beer.

Beer's on Mike when he gets the grant. ;)

ummm, wat?

My reply was intentionally an off-topic stretch as I assumed what I was saying had nothing to do with the comic itself. :)

The connection with Robinson/Keisler vs. Bishop has to do with whether only animals that really do exist are sufficient for a proof or if a new animal that does not exist needs to be created, but then, would that be a rigorous enough proof...? Criticism of inventing a new animal might be comparable to Bishop's criticism of Keisler's use of hyperreal numbers.

The comments about hyperreals and intuitionism were pure nonsense following from that.

Comments about the pub were wishful thinking following from the pure nonsense.

What's with all the stick figures lately? What is this, xkcd?

well add the ducks' eggs to it to mark the zeros.... its not so trivial after all!!! :)

Researchers discover revolutionary new concept: Proof by animal labor.
Inspired by the popular saying, a group of mathematicians gave an infinite number of typewriter wielding chimpanzees the task of proving the Riemann hypothesis. "It took them just under two weeks," said a spokesperson for the group. "On the whole, we're pretty happy with the result." The group of monkeys also reproduced the entire works of Shakespeare, which the research team called "a trivial corollary."

speaking of which, did you know that if you have an infinite number of Shakespeares on an infinite number of typewriters, then the laws of averages say that they'll eventually start throwing poop at each other?

How about 0.5 ducks and some imaginary alligator

My response to the second question was more on the order of, "That depends. DO they count Math grad students?"

This reminds me of a phrase from a short story by Lee Battersly (or is it Lee Battersby?) "A lifetime of ducks is better than an evening of princesses." I've thought about this a lot, and I've been wondering whether the two are in fact equivalent, just rotated around the origin (with time and goodness axes), a lifetime of ducks being a long amount of time with a small amount of goodness, and an evening of princesses being a short amount of time with a large amount of goodness. I'm not sure where alligators come in; my guess is they would eat both ducks and princesses, but due to the rate of decay of princess meat, they would live longer on a lifetime of ducks. So alligators are a function which does not preserve the isomorphism. Or isometry. Or something. You know, I'm forgetting how to speak mathematics and I don't really understand the comic. But I have now at least proven one specific case of the above conjecture: Forall crocodiles, a lifetime of ducks is better than an evening of princesses.

Unless of course the ducks shorten the crocodile's lifetime to less than an evening. I think I'll stick to my day job.

that was some inspirational verbiage

I believe this phrase means "to live as a duck for its whole life is better than living as a princess for a single evening".

No, no, no... it was: "To live one night as princess is worth far more than living a lifetime as a duck, if said duck is near x.
x = angela, crocodiles, and alligators."

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