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The life of zero - December 2, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The life of zero

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Just wow...


So THAT's how he became the place-holder of |R.

Complete win.

That is the single greatest thing I have ever read. It perfectly combines two of my favourite things in this world: mathematics and Princes who are Fresh.

For every epsilon greater than zero this poem is greater than EPIC.

That's just... amazing. Who said math and poetry are two different things?

Tho, I never knew zero is so sensible. I'll never be able to see him with the same eyes as before. :)

This is in your top 5 for this year.

zero absolutely has no value, but is functionally invaluable,
(only one pun intended)

This is the limit! The Sup that raises the range! All it needs is a sword to make the three-slash Z...

What do you send to the math geek who likes the Fresh Prince...THIS JOKE!

Thanks so much for advertising on Such Fun to Give through Project Wonderful! If you hadn't, I wouldn't have found this! And wouldn't have been able to send it on to my husband, who is soon to be addicted to this site. :-)

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