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Captain Picards Theorem - November 30, 2010
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Time for some learning! In Comic #342 we looked at the Transporter 2.0 which works as a result of the following theorem called "Captain Picard's Theorem":

Spiked Math Comic - Captain Picards Theorem

This is actually just a restatement of a well known result referred to as "Great Picard" (or "Big Picard"), a theorem named after named after Charles Émile Picard (not captain Picard). It can be stated as follows:

Spiked Math Comic - Great Picard Theorem

Of course, every black hole has an essential singularity, so a real world application of the theorem is that of transporters.

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Aww, man, the one time I actually get the maths, you have to go and explain it? ;-) Fiiine...

A good example is the function exp(1/x) on the unit circle (or any domain including the origin, for that matter). There is an essential singularity at the origin. This function maps to all possible complex values infinitely often, except for one - zero.

Unit disk?

Actually, when we had a theorem by him in the 3rd semester (it was the picard-lindelhöf thing), i laughed my ass of because I found it so funny. I always refer to it as Cpt. Picards Theorem (in german: Der Satz von Cpt. Picard)

tranporter? what's that?

The "infinitely often" needs to be included here to obtain maximum theorem awesomeness.

Is this comic the one place that the previous comic (Transporter 2.0) will not take you to?

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