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Is that a tangent in your pocket - November 29, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Is that a tangent in your pocket?

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would've gone with "is that a tangent in your function..."
but that's probably the reason i don't host a web-comic

Oh I like that one better :D

And then she rejects him, and he goes out and buys an xkcd T-shirt that says, 'My normal approach is useless here'. With girls, it's usually safer to go for a more tangential approach.

Unrelated: My dictionary of mathematics has an entry for sexual functions.

Just to make sure... Which 90 degree rotation do you recommend? Or, if you prefer the language of sheaf theory, should he go with a skyscraper sheaf or a flabby one?

Whoa! The derivative of this relationship is a little high. Can't they at least osculate first?

Sure. The budding relationship needs to pass many a point of inflection before his dynamical system reaches the strange attractor.

I am breaking the combo your witty math-sex jokes!

I notice she is at her peak, while he is still rising. Or falling, depending on which way he proceeds.

I just wanted to point out that that's not a tangent.
Then I got the joke.

that's the joke, its a line 'normal' to the curve, hence "relax, it's normal" :D

What do you get when you cross the tangent and the normal?
The binormal, Duh

That was lame, I know...

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