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Kenny Baker - November 22, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Kenny Baker

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R2-D2 ...........

I really don't want to know how long it took you to work that one out.

Can always cheat and look for other Star Wars references in the problem. Besides, the title is a dead giveaway.

Actually, I meant for how long it took Mike to work out the problem for the cartoon. Yeah, the answer was so obvious that I declined to check his work.

About 12 hours... just kidding! Once you have the integrand, one way to choose the a,b to make it work out is just to solve the corresponding quadratic equation -- a trivial task.

Not actually that hard, just long and tedious...

long? not really.

well... no, I suppose not.

Is this the opening sequence of Math Wars?

In a galaxy infinitely far far away

darn it, now I'm wrestling with the concept of two groups of multiple points with an actual geometry between them, where each group is infinitely far from the other. it is like both groups are inside a universe which is inside of a black hole in a larger, much larger universe. After the singularity forms, relativity prohibits light from exiting or entering the singularity in finite time, so the apparent time flow rate in one universe observed from the other is 0, it is frozen in time, and so the distance between them is infinite? like narnia or something?

You can make it easier by doing a change of variable. X = C - 3P0. Then the integral is from a - 3P0 to b - 3P0.

missed the point >.<

Easily done by head,
2 seconds to see that a change of variable simplifies the 3P0
1 second to remember that integral will be C^2/2
0.5 second to see that 9P0^2 is there for decoration and will simplify
0.5 second to see that the answer will thus be R2-D2
then 30 seconds to write a comment about it :D


Opps...it's R2-D2

Best one ever!
I think geek + nerd humor is a perfect combination.
Congrats Mike ^^

Nothing to add here. I just wanted to see, whether "the cutesy, tongue-in-cheek, pink hexagon gravatar" that was assigned to me for the previous comic is still around :-)

It is! :^)

loved the comic... first thing on the internet that makes me grab a pen and paper for writing, and i've been around for a while now :P
excellent job Mike.

Shoulda been integral of R2-D2 = 3PO+C

Well, it's a definite integral so there's no constant term.

Not either a math geek or a Star Wars fan. I would appreciate if somebody posted an explanation...

R2-D2 is a star wars robot character. Kenny Baker was the actor inside the robot. And the result of the integral is R2 minus D2.

you could have googled it for yourself though ...

Thanks... I didn't think of trying to solve the equation myself. Now I remember the old equations. :)

Also forgot to mention that "C-3PO" is also the name of a star wars robot character. Which is the term inside the integral

What is the point of asking this question can somebody explain?

For the question in the strip, see the thread immediately above you: C-3PO integrated becomes R2-D2...

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