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What it takes to be an algebraic topologist. - November 8, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - What it takes to be an algebraic topologist.

That's right folks, it takes hairy balls to be an algebraic topologist! No pun intended.

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needed the link, still awesome :D


I've been trying to comment several times here but I've never been able to. I mean, WTF!?

It also takes a lot of doughnuts.

I believe, however, that the "Hairy Donut" theorem has a trivial refutation.

Yup. In more ways than one! I read somewhere that that's why the tokamak (=fusion) reactors are shaped like donuts. It is easier to control the cloud of hot plasma by magnetic fields, when donut shape is used. Hairy ball theorem explains, why they can't use a ball shaped reactor. The magnetic field would have a zero somewhere on the surface, and plasma would "leak out" there, touch the wall of the reactor, and ruin everything.

why didn't they use a 2n+1 dimensional sphere?

And coffee cups too?

Wtf are you talking about? He already said donuts.

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