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Geeky Comics - November 5, 2010
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Today I am paying tribute to my favorite comics that have had an impact on Spiked Math. Thank you to the respective cartoonists for your geeky creations which inspired me to create my own geeky comic.

Geeks of the world unite!

Spiked Math Comic - Obtuse Goose

Spiked Math Comic - Complex-kcd

Spiked Math Comic - Saturday Morning Breakfast Venn-ereal

Spiked Math Comic - Brownian Sharpie

Spiked Math Comic - Sex Why

Spiked Math Comic - Peebles Matlab

Spiked Math Comic - Inhexed

Spiked Math Comic - Foxplot

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Matlab :'), hahaha nice!

Didn't knew the last three ones, my evening is saved.

Obtuse Goose... Amazing!

Thanks for the shoutout Mike! Unsurprisingly, we have very similar tastes in webcomics.

There was a few I didn't draw a thingy up for, but do deserve an honourable mention. Such as: PhD Comics, Brightly Wound, twisted pencil, A Geek Story, mathTICS and a few I forgot. (PhD Comics is definitely awesome but mainly for graduate students).


complex-kcd was my favorite

Oddly enough, mine too.
But you can guess my second favorite, I'm sure.

I once thought about (-x,why?) since it would be (minusex, why?)

If it weren't for the fact that my students occasionally check my blog, I would use that!

Burke, Sir, just hope they don't read your comments here :) then they'll want you to rename it that way :P

I say use (-x,why?) anyways... screw the students! (err.. not literally). Worst that could happen is you get fired, right?

I may sound a little stupid here, but I do not understand the significance of the Hexadecimal values. What does (in decimal) 73, 110, 100, 101, 120, 101 and 100 have to do with anything?

I didn't even think about it until you said it.
Your answer lies on the ASCII table.

lol Indexed

I liked FoxPlot. And I also like FoxTrot. Except Foxtrot really isn't all about math, though. Sure, it has some math in it- but it's more of a strip about a family.

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