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Infinity (Guest Comic) - November 1, 2010
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Thanks to 16 year old Zach T. for drawing today's comic!

Spiked Math Comic - infinity

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Is there any way, this is inspired by today's smbc? :D

Not unless Zach T. has a time machine as he sent it to me Oct 26. Though I will consider this scenario to be a possibility with positive probability.

Zach T.? Perhaps that's Zach Weiner in disguise.

Am I right in thinking then when you say “infinity” you really mean any number that is infinitely large, so it kind of like saying a “really big number”, in that you are not actually naming any specific number? because this thinking seems to solve a lot of paradoxes like Hilbert's hotel for instance.

Are you telling me that Hotel Infinity is a paradox? Damn! That's where I've been living the past few years...

No--but that's why it takes a really long time (infinite, to be precise) to reach infinity.

guest comics!
very nice...

Infinity is not just an arbitrarily large number; it's not a number at all. It's just a way of saying that there is no definite amount; there could always be more.

Except in Cantor, where infinitudes have different sizes. . . .

So... is the stick dude Buzz Lightyear?

Two things you should know about infinite numbers
1) They are numbers and
2) They are infinite.
Of course, they're not real numbers, that would be silly.

yay, someone saying that they are numbers =) infinite is a number just like any other, however just like the number (23+5i) is not a 'Real Number'. its in the cardinals.

Looks like that dude lost his grip on Reality.

Fortunately, he still has a grip on HyperReality.

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