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Silly Mathematicians - October 29, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Silly Mathematicians

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You never seem to not make me laugh, Mike. Err, Paul.

Maybe Mike Paul should change the test question to "Your Erdos number", with an answer of 1.

I'm on to your game, Mike Paul Erdős Keyser Söze or whatever your name may be...

(1) Establish the Mike number as the new Erdős number.
(2) Everybody wants a Mike number, so your inbox gets flooded with requests to co-author a publication.
(3) Select the smartest of those to co-author with... esp. those smarter than yourself. :)
(4) As your popularity soars in the seductive and sexy world of refereed math publications, the more impressive the people who want to co-author with you.
(5) Lather rinse repeat steps (2) through (4), inclusive.

Your name then becomes synonymous with early 21st century mathematics. Fame, glory, fortune... it all awaits...

To be honest I would expect this nonsense from somebody else. I won't name names but we all have that site open in our other browser tab. ;)

Still, impressive.

Sorry if I just ruined it for you.

Blast! You spoiled my evil plan. But in other news, I am offering a 10% discount for anyone who wants to publish with me and get a Mike number of 1 ;-)

Hi would it be posible for you to make an ipod home screen bookmark icon for this site? I have it on my home screen but the image is always of the whole sits and it constantly changes. I have found a site explaining how to do this and have an idea for an icon.

Sure thing. See if that works.

Grand, Mike! May be I will get a chance to improve upon my Erdös number (currently 3 and unlikely to go down any other way)?

BTW. Is there a "donate" button hidden here somewhere?

so...mine is 1? YAY!

Oh btw, I like the -12e^pii

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