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Coloring Problems - October 22, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Coloring Problems

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omg! I like totally love the Peterson graph!
it like turns me into a screaming preteen fan girl!

Yes! that's exactly how I feel. hahahah

That's a snarky comic.

actually I'm not trying to be snarky, i'm exaggerating a bit but i am Legitimately a big fan of the- oh wait i get! lol

My PhD thesis topic: Given n points randomly distributed in a bounded region of the plane, what is the probability that there exists an edge set on this set of vertices such that the resulting graph looks like a kitteh?

...and I thought girls change by the minute...!!! :D

20 years of aging = larger size and polka dots. Who'd have thought it was so simple?

Felt like commenting just so i could answer the (awesome) captcha !!
my works @ http://fb.me/u9SQqhrl

*waits for overdue update*


Okay will update soon. Just got swamped with other things.

Please Remove the Daily from the Page Title!
its offensive when u cant fulfill that!

Relax, those who have a life, sometimes do deviate from a constant schedule.


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