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The "Factorial" - October 15, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The Factorial Oriole

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Ok, I'm out of my depth here ;-)

It's a horrible, horrible pun.

I love it!

Yes, it's really baaaaad! (I wish I'd thought of it first.)

I never under stood the concept of turning a sphere inside out, why wouldn't an inside out sphere also be a sphere, just with a different surface exposed?

and also I don't get this comic either

Exactly--it's a sphere, only what was the outside is now the inside, and vice versa. The complication is that, if you try the short way, pressing one side through the other, you end with a ring kink, so you need a more complicated process, as in this U-tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_w4HYXuo9M&feature=related

oh it the actual process of turning it inside out, i thought the question was what would a sphere look like if it were turned inside out thanks

Is the factorial a type of bird as well?

The "fact" part isn't—that's what it shares.

Can someone explain please? I really don't get the joke...

The student heard it as the "Fact Oriole", a bird that shares facts.

Well... you'd need a material that can pass though itself, but other than that it's possible...

That's a standard assumption for topology--which is where the question of turning spheres inside out (or torii, or what-have-yous) comes from anyway.

getting really desperate with these jokes i see

had that 'not knot' video as a kid. nice to see it again. hard to wrap your mind around that sphere inversion thingy

What the factorial!

I really don't know much about birds. Also, what the hell is a factrobin?

As a Baltimore native, this one made me laugh heartily.

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