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The perfect response! - October 13, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The perfect response!

Edit: (Much thanks to Thomas for reminding me where the motivation from this comic came from).

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That poor girl in front--did she flunk?

Oops, that's the generic character that I use for Courtney ;-)

I love that you studied the comic that closely!
It's possible that she might foil his little plan if her second year was much more entertaining than the first. Then again, if she failed the year....

Blackmail? "I'll tell all the other students about your jokes unless you let me pass"?

I had a teacher who told the same jokes over and over. After 4 classes with him, there were some jokes he told like 25 times.

My teacher said this exact thing

I wonder how many months he waited to say it ;-)

What decade is this cartoon set in? I haven't heard anything being called Rad for quite some time.

Ok ok. My alternate punchline was: "Because radians are 'slices of pi', yum!"

I'm going to use that when i grow up and be a teacher

You must not talk to a lot of dorky math teachers

Just read about radians on wikipedia.
[quote]The concept of radian measure, as opposed to the degree of an angle, should probably be credited to Roger Cotes in 1714. He had the radian in everything but name, and he recognized its naturalness as a unit of angular measure.[/quote]

Wow, since when are they funny?

since "rad" is a dated slang term, from "radical"

Oh! Does that mean square roots are "rad" too?

There's a whole song about this - Radians are Rad, by Susan Cantey (can be heard on Spotify)

Out of curiosity, are you a redditor?

I was wondering that too. I remember seeing something like this fairly recently.

Teachers probably don't have to wait for following semester or year, sometimes the next period is sufficient.

Better: the teacher tells jokes which his students told him the year before!

This is also why we use square roots -- they're radical.

I teach two classes a day, so I only have to wait an hour to use them!

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