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10/10/10 Day - October 10, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - 10 10 10 day

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So funny. I'm a Chinese and indeed, one of my cousins is getting married on 10/10/10.

Well actually I have two cousins getting married on 10/10/10, not only one.

funny part is my birthday is today 10/10/10

This comic came up on 09/10/10 :(

Well, the world is going to end tomorrow and I wanted to make sure people were warned so that they can prepare for the perfect death.

Aw... by now its already 10/10/10 in some part of the world at least and we know well their world haven't ended yet!

Something good? Something bad?
Depends on which team you're rooting for!

(and I may have to adjust anything that I might've posted tomorrow ... you kind of covered it all here ... and too late to deny that I've actually seen it .... grumble grumble)

Nice work.

I'm looking forward to your 10/10/10 comic, that is, if we're still in existence.

it's also Lose the Game day.

Well 42 was actually in base 13 because it means 54
which will correspond to 110110

so wait for 1 nov if nothing happens tomorrow

Actually, no. That was January, 11, and nothing happened.

isn't there a facebook event for 10/10/10 titled "lose the game day"?

or, since its facebook, around 80?


But... the one thing I don't get...
How about 09/09/2009? That's barely a year ago. So I don't think 201 years is completely correct..

not of the form x/x/2xx

That doesn't work as 09+09 =/= 20.

I'm getting tired of all this xD
Is my birthday! That's what's happening :D

Happy Birthay Ali!

Historically, Spiked Math wrote that 10/10/2010 isn't historical date.

Though factually, that is not true:
(yeah, we all know that wikipedia is 100% correct ;) )

1631 – A Saxon army takes over Prague.

And nothing happened on 10/10/10... things happened on 10/10, but not on a year ending with 10.

What, you mean you will do 20/10/2010 next? (x/y/x y)

20/10/2010 is my friend's birthday. She's having a party at 20:10.

Happily this is comic number floor(sqrt(sqrt(1010))) !

watch the factorial... it made me trip balls

check history channel website for what happened today....http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/achille-lauro-hijacking-ends

The Battle of Karbala took place
Huge Historical event.

42 was significant long before the Hitchhiker's Guide. In Jewish tradition, there is a name of God spelt with 42 letters.

Spiked Math said nothing historical happened on Oct 10 in the other years that ended in 10. As in 0010 and 1010.

42 = 0011010000110010 :-)

10/10 is Taiwan Day, just sayin'.

10/10/1911 is the end of Imperial China's 3000+ years of history. I think that's quite important.

spikedmaths page 316. 3+ 1+ 6 = 10

Well, the 10. 10. 10, sure was more fun than yesterday. We had no internet, but donkeys. Of course, after ~2*10^3 years, they all died, but at least now, we have internet to comfort us, phew, what a relief!

Guys, while nothing happened on 10th Oct 0010, 1010, we have something for 2010: "2010 – The Netherlands Antilles are dissolved."

Netherlands Antilles...mmmm

Oh, something happened on 10/10/1010: the monks were still trying to recover from Y1K...

i'm reading this curiosity rigth now, and i was very ill on 10/10/10... If I knew that before Sunday I would not leave home...

101010 is not 42 in binary. 0011010000110010 is.

You seem to mean that is 42 in binary ASCII ;)

10/10/10 = 1000 years of Hanoi city
one event - quite significant too

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