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highschoolnerd - October 9, 2010
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highschoolnerd posted some questions on Comic #313 and wanted to give a special thanks to those who responded. He LOVES you all!

Here are the correct answers (according to Spiked Math):

Spiked Math Comic - highschoolnerd

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So math is distributed through the duct system at a 70's nightclub?

No--I think it says that math is a self-referential, circular system without any basis in reality. Except it needs an infinite number of monkeys--and how do you know you have enough without math (including Cantor's ideas)?

THANK YOU ALL! I LOVE YOU!, and special thanks to mike for making this comic for me ♥
I never thought i'd be in a spiked math comic... THANKS!

hey, congratulations

I like how the mouseover talks defines epsilon and delta, but only uses the delta with no recourse to the epsilon.

Correction: Answer to #2: It surrounds us, and penetrates us, and binds the universe together.

Love that Infinite-Monkey-Theorem... and Dilbert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNNy3opa7Wc

If Mathematics is plural why do you guys write Math instead of Maths?

The British do say "maths", but it's actually an uncountable noun, not plural.

That's Me!

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