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The Dunning-Kruger Effect - October 8, 2010
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There are no professors who are possibly above average at teaching but don't think they are?

not enough pie for the 314 comic

This could have at least been a pie chart...

What makes you think that no more than half of the professors can be above average at teaching?

Possibly the source that was referenced?

by definition the number of teachers "above average" must be less than half (if you use percentiles, which is the only method that really makes sense)

So for you the only sensible average is the median. Why not arithmetic mean?

Quite frankly measuring how good a teacher is pretty hard to determine
and assigning values to how "good" they are is really doesnt' make much sense, because there are plenty of horrible teachers, some of which would get a really low score. But just because those teachers are bringing down the average doesn't mean that the other teachers who are mediocre would be "good" The effect could easily go the other way too

essentailly what im saying is that you can't really average people. That inherently doesnt' make sense. A good teacher plus a bad teacher/2 doesn't equal an average teacher. You can't add and divide people's skill level's. Even if you could, the effectiveness of different teacher's is based upon different teaching styles, which could not be added, as it would be like adding different units (i.e. you can't add pounds and meters)

Well, if you grade them according to some professor evaluation system, we could assign a number to their level of competence. In this case, all you can say is that at least one professor must be above or equal to the average...

The red box should extend a short distance off to the right to enclose the above averaged professors who think they're terrible.

You forgot to red box in some of the people who DON'T think they're above average teachers.

The worst teach I ever had might also be the one class I learned the most from, simply because I had to study my butt off to have any hope of getting through the class. I am fairly confident that he did not consider himself a good teacher.

Dude! Mr. Mike, you have *got* to make a shirt out of this one! I want!

Furry cows moo and decompress.

This comment was meant to go onto the main thread.

There's also the "Lake Woebegone effect": where "all the [children] are above average." (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_woebegone_effect). It even has been noted, for example, among states: they tend to measure rank by criteria that let them be above average.

Is the Dunning-Kruger Effect responsible for a higher percentage of people thinking that they will go to heaven than think Mother Theresa will go to heaven?

Hm, you should have had a bell-curve in the background. with a line at average

the left most sub-set is the real elite teachers who are above average at teaching but don't bother thinking about it :)

How can Dunning-Kruger effect won the IgNobel prize???? It's awosome, and explain a lot about life!

Sadly, despite how well-known this is, some employers ask employees to self-assess their skills at the beginning stages of a job application process. Fortunately, I'm at the point in my career where this is irrelevant: If I happen to be unfairly screened out, I'll just get a job with a different employer that does things better. Still, I feel for those who aren't in that position yet.

Maybe we should see how many people in HR and recruitment think they are above average. :D

You wasted such a great number of strip (3.14) to something irrelevant. I'm disappointed. :)

I have a brilliant comic idea for pi but I'm saving it until I reach comic # 314159. It might take a while.

Haha, great for you!

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