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CN Fact - October 4, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - CN Fact

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I'm pretty sure that the answer is 0, but I could be wrong.

L'Hopital (as I take it you tried to use?) is not usable in this case,
only for 0/0 and inf/inf cases if I remember correctly.

or inf/0 or 0/inf...forgot that, it's been a while (4 years) since I've had to do a limit

Actually the limit is infinity; |x-2| decreases to 0 from either side as x approaches 2, and the limit of 7/(some tiny number decreasing to 0) is infinity.

you'd better run, before chuck norris finds you and round-house kicks you 3 times in 1 rotation

the limit approaches infinity but is not actually infinity as it can only be reached by chuck norris

No, the limit is infinity. The value approaches infinity, but the limit is infinity.

To be even more technical, the limit does not exist because the value diverges to infinity. We just say the limit is infinity as a shorthand.

oh technicality... i love giving that kind of smart-ass answers, specially when i know i'm right :D

Because it is the absolute value the limit converges to infinity. The denominator is always positive.

Chuck Norris knows the last digit of Pi.

He's also counted to infinity... twice.

beat this guy :P bit.ly/d4IIiJ

Chuck Norris has counted the continuum

... and then he chose to well-order it.

Chuck Norris + Maths = Awesome

I'll bet Zorro can divide by zero.

It's called the Axiom of Choice!

the only problem is that chuck norris asks the teacher to pick him, instead of the teacher asking chuck norris who to pick

first comic i have seen in a long time that i can show my friends without 2 hours of explanation - love it

Alright, Chuck Norris can divide by zero, but Saxton Hale can divide by Chuck Norris... with his bare hands.

Mike u were right next to 47... why dint you help him out?

I love how the girl watches the entire conversation without saying anything or moving (except her eyes in panel 4)!

(it's a girl, right?)

Chuck Norris can prove Fermat's Last Theorem in an arbitrarily small margin.


Really fantastic!!!

But I suggest an improvement. The last image shoud be absolutely BLACK. Why? Because Black Holes are places in the Universe where Chuck Norris Divided by Zero!!!

Thank you very much for your comic!


good job


good job

no its 0
you devide the whole thing by x
you get 7/x | x/x - 2/x (7/x ->0 ,2/x -> 0 and x/x = 1 you get 0/1 and get 0

How? 7/x -> 7/2, 2/x -> 1, x/x -> 1 so what you really get is (7/2) / (1-1) which won't help you in any way.

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