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Student Tricks - September 29, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Student Tricks

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I've used that trick on multiple choice tests, changing E for B isn't that hard or even F, its easily masked.

Shouldn't it be "Negative 2 for you!!!"?

No, it should be negative ten. He got negative ten points for the question out of a total possible amount of five. So, he got -200% on the question.

Well if you consider the total amount of points to be the weighted results of each question, i.e. 1 for 5/5 or .2 for 1/5 then it would be "negative 2" from the final weighted grade.

However, the teacher is just repeating himself about the "negative 10 points", so everyone's right!

The teacher is being really nice with this policy. At my university, the Trekkie (guy with the 47 on the shirt) would fail the entire exam for his "attempt of deception" (regardless of how many points he got). Perhaps even been kicked out (but I don't think the punishment would be THAT drastic).

As a matter of fact, the test would not even be accepted in the first place, if written with pencil!

The test wouldn't be accepted if written in pencil? Oh man, I can't imagine having to do a math test in pen... :|

I'm in favor of not accepting the whole test after trying of deception. But... com'on... don't accept a test because it was done by pencil? Isn't this a little too strict?

Gah! My new college does this, it´s a pretty bad (and lazy) move on their part. So now for math tests (or any other tests actually) i just make them messy on purpose, it´s not my fault, it´s theirs, right?

In the UK (where I grew up), you were not allowed to use pencil for a standardised high school test. So instead I am surprised they allow it in the US.

At the first university I attended in Canada, in math/comp.sci. courses, we could use pen or pencil, though it was assumed most of us would need to use pencil. :)

I wrote with pencil so much in math and science that switching to pen was awkward for those times when it was mandatory, e.g. English.

To this day, I find the aroma of a wooden pencil comforting.

A friend of mine has a t-shirt that says "I do my math in pen because I like to feel dangerous." I could never live without being able to erase the stupid mistakes I made five minutes ago that propagated to the point where my final answer makes no sense.

Erasable ink pens were invented (or became common) while I was in school. Not that I used this trick... ;-)

Only in binary...

when ever i get like a 79, or an 89 I always consider trying that trick to bump my grade up a letter, but I never ave the guts to actually try it; I wonder if it would actually work at my school

I'll give em the points the first time. Next test I always photocopy it before returning it. BA HA HA HA HA!!!

People thought I was paranoid when I photocopied the results of the first test I ever gave as a teacher. Seventh grade, signed numbers, probably too many questions for them.

Anyway, a girl said I'd marked something wrong (hey, it happens), and I said wait a minute, and pulled out the copies. Her answer had been changed. She insisted that she hadn't changed it (which might be true -- her friend might've done it), but I finally had to ask: "So the photocopy is wrong?"

This was also the test where I announced halfway through, "I hope you're keeping your eyes on your own papers because copying doesn't help you learn ... and because the person next to you has a different test." There was almost a universal "Oh, s#!t" and several people grabbed papers to compare. Hilarity ensued.

A girl in my high school developed a way to write "True" in cursive in such a way that it could be easily transformed into "False" (by putting a crossbar on the T, giving the r a smooth top so it could be easily converted into an a, making the left side of the u into an l and the right side into an s.) If she didn't know the answer, she'd write True and therefore leave open the option to change it. She'd even write in pen so people would think it impossible to cheat.

One of my high-school teachers foiled her: his rule was that you had to write a + for true and a O for false.

Poor 47 :(

this one isn't even funny....

Ah, but it is odd funny

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