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Teacher Tricks - September 28, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Teacher Tricks

The closest I had was a midterm with the answer "C" about 10 times in a row.

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heh heh heh ... I did that once ...


heh heh heh!

What? Mark C on a true or false test?? (x,why)??

C is the superposition of the states true and false.

I put all False on a T/F... but there were only 3 questions.
Already enough to freak out some students.

I did this once. I had to leave town about three hours after a final exam in intro to statistics. I made a 50 MC questions with (A) as the correct answer. About two hours into the test, this one guy come up and said something similar to, "I'm getting A for almost half my answers, what am I doing wrong?" It was hard not to laugh.

I once had an exam where you had to match the left column to the right, and for each of the 30 things to match, the answer was the one directly across from it.

I swore when I had to start teaching, every test I ever gave would be machine-gradable on a bubble sheet to avoid grading (the most boring job in all of academia). Now I realize it's possible to be even lazier.


I never came across this, but I did know someone who did a personality test who marked all a's--because the b answers were "all liberal"...

Number 47 should learn to be more confident about his math solving skills

In my physics class, I once made a test where 42 was the answer to every question. Even though my students know I value the road to the answer much higher than the answer itself, some students didn't bother to try the last few questions and just wrote down 42. Others were too confused and started to doubt their answers too much.

Luckily for me it was only a practice-test, no grades had to be given.

That's a good one--we all know that 42 is the answer to the ultimate question...

better, all the answers are C except for the very first one!
the students will be confused by their answer to the easiest first question =p

Wow, I've always had this same exact idea. A shame I never plan on being a teacher. Seriously exactly the same idea.

My mom has a story like this from high school...
The teacher handed out a True/False test with the instructions, "If the statement is false, explain why. Otherwise, leave the space blank." The only person to get a 100% score was the jock in the back of the classroom who fell asleep during the test and didn't write anything.

I think it has been done in my school, overheard from students
They said it was all D until the last question

Sometims i wish i was/had a chance to temporarely be a math teacher...

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