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Guide to being a successful teacher - September 27, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Guide to being a successful teacher

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It's ok, everyone knows girls aren't as good at math and need a handicap...*ducks head before barrage of rotten tomatoes".

Laughed my head off with this... I guess we can skip it... you sound like my mom! :P

Just noticed: The orange guy disappears after noting that the class sucks.

And stripe shirt guy disappears after he's fifty points down for not being a girl...

He was the one to turn the fire alarm. have a wicked idea... why din't he set fire to the prof's coat??

Or maybe he just went away for a panel to dress like a woman, and liked the class a lot more the second time around.

And if you look at the slide after the consistency slide, you see that the girl entered the class AFTER those 2 chapters were skipped. Mike must have told her that it is so easy a girl could pass it, lol.

ha ha ha!! 50 bonus points!!!! too generous! :)) :))

Looks like I have something to learn. I gave this one limit problem as an exercise (the one that comes naturally when you want to study the cusp of the cycloid). I gave the hint that either you use the Maclaurin series (the new topic recently covered) or you use l'Hospital's rule 6 times, and pray (that you won't make a mistake).

27 times! Holy cow!

This is kinda inconsistent. 4 of the above contradict the titles, but two of the titles describe the situations.

That's what's funny about it =S

Actually, Abel joke isn't THAT funny

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