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PhD Blues - September 14, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - PhD Blues

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yes, but you're using optimus prime as your advisor.

I think your acquaintances aren't going to be happy to see this...

why is it that it's okay to make fun of stupid people with an iq above 70 but if someone's iq drops below 70 then their mentally handicapped and it not okay to make fun of them any more?

Because some very bright people, who by all reason should know better, are just plain stupid.

It's strange, the level rises the more intelligent you are.
Smart people aren't allowed to make fun of the idiocy of average people...

How's your IQ doing? You used the possessive 'their' instead of the contraction of 'they are' as 'they're.'

oh I'm sorry I guess I didn't realize that IQ level was related to grammatic accuracy; stupid anonymous grammar Nazis

The same works for any kind of thesis. I often had to remind me of this fact during my bachelor's thesis. It helped me! ;-)

But why do dumb people also get their degree be it at whatever level??

I don't understand. A cat riding a shark is awesome!

Yeah, that's what I thought, too

Zac is definitely the smartest person here.

mike is gonna have to make #6 to 1 now...

I wish I had optimus prime helping me out when I was writing my PhD. I also felt like it was going to go on for ever. My girlfriend basically nagged me till I got it done. I would have preferred optimus prime

I'll keep this mind for the next few years :)

Isn't there a rule about saying other people are dumb whilist making elementary grammatical mistakes?

"sara is almost done her PH.D. and she is a complete moron!"

I guess the rule is related to Muphry's Law.

...which, by the way, applies to your 'whilist'. :)

I came across a blog and something he said reminded me of this comic... http://matt.might.net/articles/successful-phd-students/

"Whenever I felt depressed in grad school--when I worried I wasn't going to finish my Ph.D.--I looked at the people dumber than me finishing theirs, and I would think to myself, if that idiot can get a Ph.D., dammit, so can I."

any connection?

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