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It's my advisor, I should say hi - September 13, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - It's my advisor, I should say hi

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nice. good thing he's good at organizing his thoughts

Damn... this happens to me now :P, wonder what happens when I'm old

When you get old, you ask the student his (or her) name, ask them what business they have with you, and after you deal with them, you ask them which way you were headed before the interruption...

This happens with me too, I tend to ask their mail id as a cover.... and I hate it when their mail id doesn't have their names. (Mine doesn't either ;) )

I have mild prosopagnosia (face blindness) so this happens to me all the time

Me too. It's always awkward, because people often take offense when you forget their names.

Yep sounds about right for my Phd advisor too.

Hah!! I think my advisor was behaving the same way.. lol :-D

Dude, this is an example of why professors are smart, they don't need to remember anything, just simply figure things out on the spot, and still get away with it.

I like how the mathematics professor is thinking about Schrödinger's equation. :P

When reading his thought i imagined his voice in echo. I bet you did too.

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