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VLT - September 10, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - VLT

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I, really, really wish you offered prints of your comics. A signed copy of this for the math tutoring centre would be hilarious.

It is something I am considering and might set up in the future. For prints and posters it'd be cheapest for you guys if I handled the printing/shipping myself instead of outsourcing it - but just getting it set up seems like a daunting task that I've put off for the time being ;-)

i sure hope they'd be less than $7!

You could always make a deviantart account. They have a rather simple print system you could use, though you wouldn't be able to sign them... (unless you purchased your own prints and then re-sold them)

There is no force, however great,
Can stretch a cord, however fine,
Into a horizontal line,
Which is accurately straight.

However, a vertical line? Not nearly so hard.

False. There are always vibrations when you straighten a string, even vertically. So it continually oscillates.

Whoa... we where just talking about the V. Line Test in my pre-calc class today

Lol, "buy now for only a single payment of 7! dollars"

$5040 for a 'straight' line?... F U! i think i'd rather fail...

what the factorial 5040 for a line

Just be glad it wasn't "a payment of $7!!"

(7!)! would have been worse...

(7!! = semifactorial of 7 = 7*5*3*1=105)

best best


Bahahahhaha , ignore the factorial. Love it :)

Is it inclusive of HST?


You can use it for Beginner's Pong! Now you can place your paddle exactly where you want it every time!

Now how much would you pay?

I need to buy this and give it to my old math teacher. She would love it. If you sell this, I would buy it.

Is it bad that I have a bachelor's degree in maths but I had to google 'vertical line test' to find out what that was? I'm still not sure we ever learnt it, by that name anyway. It doesn't seem difficult enough to give a name to.

u dumb?

no. personally, I think it's pretty silly to have names for every small thing.

I've always thought of it as pretty frivolous, but it makes for a good joke in this case.

I had to do that too...

Over a century ago, the British puzzle-maker H. E. Dudney often presented step-by-step solutions that he claimed were standard procedures everyone should learn. Typically they would only work for trivial variations of the particular puzzle.
Naming this rather obvious test seems to me to be on the same level.

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