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Mingle with the singles - September 7, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Mingle with the singles

Thanks to Dmitriy Y. for this idea!

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And nice 300 comic, but it lacks spartan-ess

All the single girl mathematicians are hopeful, but the boys are unsure? Right.

this comic raises the question, if mathematicians are nerds, then where do baby mathematicians come from?
also I agree with Teku_ definitively needs more spartan-ess



3 Mathematicians > 300 Spartans :)

Gah, that was supposed to be:

300 Spartans <3 Mathematicians

300 Spartans love Mathematicians? That seems even less likely.

its saying the same thing whilst also being able to be read as a love heart.

There is no love when it comes to Spartans... and there is hardly any when it comes to Mathematicians ;)

wow this is a long reply change, quick somebody reply to this comment to keep the chain going!

Abstruse Goose just hit 300 as well. :)

Nash: "Check out those five girls over there."

What? Too non-cooperative?

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