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QED Bitches! - September 2, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - QED Bitches!

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That girl has the cutest face when she figured out the proof!

This is it -- this is the post that begins the era of racy SpikedMath fan-fiction.

Vectors are OP.

possibly-foreign guy got it first and female got it last. coincidence? i don't think so!

Once on a quiz in my numerical methods class, the last people in the room when I left were the token black guy and the entire back row; our only female had just left a moment before. Ah, stereotypes in action.

All that we really know is that each of the test writers complete one question during the period we're observing. But is it the same question? (Or is Mike way behind because of all the math comics he's been drawing in the margin?)

okay, you win this time... but i'd like to assume that was a sweet, beautiful exam with only one question... pass-fail grade and no partial credits... oh i would hate one of those :D

oh dear...
I remember writing something along the lines of "mathematicians don't actually yell QED when they prove something, you know" a few comics back.

I feel somehow responsible...
that means I'm famous now, right? right?!

I'd say I'm the one that is responsible since I said Q.E.D> should be shouted, you said that people don't actually do it.

BTW why din't anyone talk about the contradictory rules of the test??? You lose if you don't shout QED and you ought to be quiet since the test is on... else you lose (anyways... is it the rain or is it me!!!)

Shouldn't it be Q.E.D instead of QED?

no, wat u actually hear is somethign like "Ked" not "Cue, ee, dee"
the fact that wat they're saying is spelt QED is just a coincidence

Whoah, whoah, whoah. When did kids start pronouncing it as ked? It is, without doubt, supposed to be "cue ee dee" because it's an initialism of quod erat demonstrandum. Q.E.D!

This reminds of the time when I found out that people were pronouncing SQL as 'sequel'. I still find that strange.

actually i was joking :p
"ked" is just weird

Oh. Um, sorry folks. Broken sarcasm detector. I'm taking it in to be repaired tomorrow.

And, for constructions, it was "Q.E.F."!b

wat does qed stand for

as matt said quod erat demonstrandum... or as some in my college say say Quite Easily Done !!

Hahahaha nice!

fun bit of trivia, even though Q.E.D. isn't in English, the French version is French: C.Q.F.D. or "ce qu'il fallait démontrer" (what had to be demonstrated.)

I pledge to always say Q.E.D any time I prove something. I hope my professor approves...

btw, Just finished reading all your comics. My thoughts? BEST. COMIC. EVER. It makes xkcd look like something written for kindergartners.

whoa! Where did that picture of me come from?!?! I remember making that awhile go for something...but how did it get here?


You must have made it on Gravatar and so it got linked to your email address and will show up on any website you comment on (using your email address) that also uses Gravatar for pictures.

We're going to have to review the meaning of the word "Unwritten" ...

Oh, wait a minute, math guy! Nice job!!

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