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Meetings - September 1, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Meetings

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look up!
he's not on your number line!

Do people actually like this one? I thought it was corny while creating it :P

Definitely one of the good (and accessible) ones. It must be tough being imaginary.

Sometimes the simple ones are the funniest. I love it.

I loved this too... finally got internet at the new place!!!

Should have 0 and 1 instead of 3. And then we can applaud the Euler relation ;-)

My first thought exactly :P

Honestly, I love it.

I guess I am not enough mathy to understand it :(

Literally laughed out loud, I really seldomly do that.

However, why 3? Smallest odd prime? I don't get it.
You could have put a 5 there, then it would have spelled 'pies' :)

...or "piies"

I first thought about poor 1! why 3?

Lved it, though :)

May be he used 3 as it's the integer closest to both e(2.718..) and pi(3.14..).

He IS there! They just gotta imagine it!!!!!

Or he could just turn 90 degrees?

Haha! Right.

But how do they know him in the first place? Did they meet somewhere else?

... and then they called the meeting to order and i went through the roof ...

What are they trying to do in that meeting, anyway? Make -3?

Imaginary friends are soooo misunderstood. Right, Blinky? [So right!]

I loved this comment :D ... you shouldn't fear to dream bigger darling ;)

How come he can see them though?

I love it haha.

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