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Martin Gardner - August 31, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Martin Gardner

Gardner introduced many subjects to a wide audience, including:

Note that the Martin Gardner Global Celebration of Mind Gatherings will take place around the world (in different locations) on October 21, 2010.

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what did that prove? Everyone's mortal? :P

hmm, I solved the crazy cut puzzle rather quickly but the pants one is still giving me trouble.

About the Hare and Hound game. Is it possible for hounds to win? I mean if you do not play vs a total retard.

Given a board only five nodes long, the hounds can ALWAYS win. See "Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays, Volume 3"

can someone explain the pants trick?

The pants trick can be done, and quite easily once you realise the trick...

As a hint, try taking away any of the limitations that your own mind put upon the system. What are you exactly given, and what have you extrapolated from that?

I would assume the pants trick involves running the rope through the insides of your trousers, rather than spanning it between your ankles, beneath the trouserlegs. If so, it can be done quite easily as Shannon said, but it wouldn't be much of a trick, would it?

But in the comic it specifically says to turn them inside out "on the rope".

Pass the pants through one of the legs.

NOTE: Using a sleeveless T (aka "wife-beater") with the wearers wrists tied together is the same idea; however the wide openings and lack of sleeves makes the physical manipulation easier.

I tried the pants trick with scrubs on. I think I solved it but I got confused and now I'm not sure if my pants are inside out or not.

Topologically speaking, there's no difference. Of course, a topologist often dunks his mug into his coffee-filled doughnut.

When you turn the pants inside out, you also have to exchange legs, so the (former) left leg is on your right leg, and vice versa.

For the pants one (which I attempted before posting the comic), just take them off so they are on the rope... then pull one pant leg through the other. Next, reach through the waist and pull the legs through. If this makes sense then they should be inside out and right side up so you can put them back on (with zipper facing forwards).

Now I remember your letter to your brother one :)

Aah, i see what you do there...

How do I know if I'm decent under my pants!?

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