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Back to school - August 30, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Back to school

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i couldn't wait to go back to school after this summer!

okay, not even I could believe that level of bullshit, could you?

god I hate school :(

Well there are some sadist profs though

I still prefer school over work. Plus, engineering is the best drinking game out there

University is better than high school, right?

Yup... much more freedom. If you lack time management skills or need someone telling you to do your homework then you might be in trouble.

End up playing WoW for 9 hours a day

I want to go back.
Yay for learning!

LOL, my school only has 11 days of vacation XD

I never left school. Summer classes FTW! Summer at college was the most fun. Hanging out with schoolmates and getting into trouble... and only ONE class (and working at the Tech Desk) to break up the fun.

You forgot the parents of the students

Haha, I should remake this comic with a 3rd panel of parents (who are smiling).

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