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The first time I tried to prove a theorem - August 25, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The first time I tried to prove a theorem

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um... a pokemon theorem?
I know futurama inserted a new theorem in one of their episodes, but pokemon?

yeah, did you try ptoving it at home afterwards, or was that just me?

I love pokemon
I am literally playing it as I type!

hasnohat, I think he's saying Pokemon was hard, but proving sqrt(2) is irrational was easy. The joke is it sets you up to think that he was struggling with the theorem, but really he was struggling with a video game.

ah! yes... that makes much more sense...
I do, however, know for a fact that they did a statistical analysis of the theory of "holding b" when attempting to capture a Pokemon. The results were, if I remember correctly, exactly as any reasonable person would have expected; it has no effect.

what about the code "up, A, Down, B"?

surely the fact that people beleive that different codes work is evidence enough to show that there is, in all probability, no code that does.

It still took you 3 tiles of effort to finish it :P

But most of that was (1) defining the problem, (2) singing a ditty, or (3) being done. The actual proof was fast.

LOL then he's slow at singing the ditty :P

the last panel should say QED

you do realize most math students don't actually shout "QED" when they've proved a theorem, right?

This could easily become a new trend. Let's see if we can get it started.

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