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Engineering - Part 2/2 - August 24, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Engineering 2

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"They were supposed to turn?"

Actually, they do rotate, just not through this dimension...

I'm an engineer and that just gives me the creeps.

Look ... I ... had these perfectly round (for a delta) gears, but they sort of were too small, so I built an approximation of a larger wheel! It is even structurally stable ... kind of.

I think this would be the only situation where that construct made sense ...

Isn't that 3D gears, that some gears are hiding behind them?

I guess it matters if what you want is a stable non-moving shape ... probably as stable as stacking Triangles ...

MOSI (museum of Science and Industry) in Manchester, England has 3 cogs overlaid along x, y and z axis in 3D ...

and you know from looking at it that it was made by some artist and not an engineer

Afraid you'd alienated a portion of your fan base, are you?

Afraid, nothing. The other one was called 'engineering 1/2' for a reason...

ah... didn't notice that...

If we added a sixth word and a matching gear, then he could put a seventh gear in the middle of the other six...

If you have a set of gears, treat each one as a node in a graph. There is an edge between two gears if they are touching. The system of gears will move if and only if this graph is two-colorable / bipartite.
(easy to see if you think of one color as "turning left", and the other as "turning right")

( assuming they are all on the same plane )

Oh, sure--that's the theory. But can the Mathematician actually color and analyze the graph without making an error? Remember: there are three kinds of mathematicians: those who can count and those who can't. He might be of the second kind--or was it third?

great idea, but why not add the year that this camp will be on and be done with the problem? "Gearing up for Engineering camp 2010!" will do, and then you can change de design yearly by just the year for marketing purposes :P

Szepi, in fact, there is a simpler proof of the fact that the gears in a wheel of an odd number of gears will not turn. Number the gears. The odd gears will turn, say, clockwise, while the even gears counterclockwise. Any neighbouring gears will turn in opposite directions. The first gear and the last gear will turn clockwise, wich is a contradiction, cause they're neighbouring.

yeah i know, for this case mine was an overkill since it works for any system of gears (in a plane). so they don't have to form a circle.

Oooh, I hadn't seen it. You're right.

By the way, i don't get the joke. Why are they supposed to turn?

Well basically, engineering is about making stuff that can be used in real life for some purpose. So only making a gear assembly has sense since it can be used.

Oh, wait, you're a mathematician... they're not supposed to turn for any reason at all :D

Just keep the gears on seperate parallel planes right so that each pair of adjacent gears touches except one(i.e. 1-touches-2-touches-3-touches-4-touches-5). Looking from above or below it'll look like all 5 gears touch and are moving in same plane. That'll work.

This one is most likely inspired by the real example of the British two pound coin which has 19 gears of various sizes and which would be locked for the same reason.

Umm..so i am neither/nor Engineer/Mathician..and i am extremely high on weed...sooo..whats the joke?

I'm none of the both too but I guess the joke is:
Mathematician work theoretical while engineers work practical.
an odd number of gears are unable to turn(there are 5 gears in the logo)which makes it unpractical

pretty unfunny and the engineer is a dimwit if he did not provide technical requirements for a logo design

A picture of a gear is not a gear.

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe."

The Smithsonian actually did this with the logo to one of their blogs: http://michellemalkin.com/2011/08/07/government-logo-fail-of-the-day/

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