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The Date Graph - August 21, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The Date Graph

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Nice one :D

Seriously, applying math to concrete situations in what some people could call real life situations is probably the best way to get people interested in learning math.

Besides, what you mostly remember from your courses are the examples, so the better they are the best.

what happens if there is some unknown girl say karen who gossips with both carol and fran, and how much supercomputing whould you need to find the number of disconected sets across 3.4x10^9 nodes?

Oh that's a good point!

So, the Largest _Safe_ Independent Set is one? That way it's impossible for a girl you are dating to find about another of your girls...as long as there are no lies.

Hilarious and educational! Great work Mike.

who would win in a fight, math or reality?

In the internet age, you should believe in possibilities like Cloud computing :) a direct application of these connected graphs. You might want to convince the gals with this theory some way

The real question is, what if one or more of the girls are polyamorous, and don't mind you dating more than one at once?

I'm sure you meant either multiamorous or polyphilic. mixing greek and latin roots is just wrong.

And what about gossiping guys?...

Why do you even want to date more than one girl at the same time? ;)

"[Lazlo] thought the `answers' were the answers to everything. (Wrong.)" -- Chris McKnight, "Real Genius".

Furry cows moo and decompress.

Your add on reddit was surprisingly effective. kudos

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