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Conversion - August 16, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Conversion

Bonus points to anyone who can come up with some units that when combined spell something dirty! (Then I can change the tagline to "Don't be a pervert, remember to convert!").

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Faraday micro-Coulomb Kelvin?

Coulomb micro-meter?

-2 points for faulty units.
The correct answer is 120 cm^3.

Nope it's 12 cm^3. 120mm = 12 cm 12*2/2 = 12 cm^3

Since when do we measure area in cubic units?

I think he was joking about the three m's in cmmm. cmmm = cm^3

Correct. I didn't say it was (cm)^3. That would be just silly.


Angstrom *second^2

not exactly dirty...
but I can tell you that a beard-second (light-years' little cousin) is the length a beard grows in one second.

Watt Amp Newton Kelvin, or Watt Amp nano-Kelvin?

femto-Amp Giga-second?

Using http://lamar.colostate.edu/~hillger/basic.htm as a guide, consider the following:
1. atto Siemens * Siemens
2. seconds*henry*tesla, or seconds*henry*ton, or seconds*hectare*ton
3. a combination of 1 & 2...
4. mega ohm * ton * henry * revolution (???) * femto amper * coulomb * kelvin * exa revolution (???)

Instead of all the μs, couldn't we use the atomic mass unit (u)?

coulomb * degree celsius * kilo

The old British land unit, rod (= 16.5 ft = 502.92 cm) seems to be calling. "megarod" (= 3125 mile) is fine by itself. But you want to combine units: how about using the beverage unit "shot" (= 1 fl. oz. = 29.57 cm^3), as in "shot(s) per rod" (1 spr = 5.88 mm^2)?

How about megarod*Hertz*Ohms? I know the units wouldn't ever be combined, but still it is somewhat suggestive...

centiliters * amperage * time

Or I guess it should be:

centiliters * current * time

...which is also mixing units and variables, but meh...

Excellent suggestions you pervs!

cm x in = cmin will do :))

cm and micrometers (um) cumm

Ok, old comic, but...
Prof. RV Andree used to ask his students to calculate the size of a triangle one light-year tall and one angstrom wide.
At least once he got "half an angstrom-light-year" as an answer.
These days, I ask frink:
frink> .5 angstrom * lightyear
473036.52362904 m^2 (area)

Try the cubit-meter.

The area is 12 cm2.

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