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Friends - August 13, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Friends

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boa! aushaushaus

I wish I had 10! dollars.

I would be set for life with 10! dollars :D

Oh sorry the 10/10 was meant to be 10!/10 :P
Just to show how awesome I thought this comic was! Might have persuaded a friend now to give me £10! :)

10!/10=9! XD

I don't know why I find this so funny!

what the factorial?

Proper punctuation is important:

The principal said the teacher is an idiot.
The principal, said the teacher, is an idiot.

Unchecked for veracity: A pardon granted by a judge to a death row inmate got mistyped from "Hang him not, leave him." to "Hang him, not leave him" with the appropriate consequences!

Maybe I am not a great narrator of drama!

Even worse is the theoretical computer science friend, instead
"Give me a hundred dollars.", he would say "Give me a(hundred) dollars."

Does 'a' stand for the Ackermann function here? If so, then you are sooooooo right.

Doesn't the Ackermann function take two arguments?

that's not a very high score, about 2.7e-6

this was supposed to be a reply to tinymouse's comment :S

Hahahahahahahahahaha awesome rofl

I'll give your money if you put a grain of wheat on the first square of a chessboard, two on the second, four on the third. . .

Now we know the value of 0! :P

At last - one I understand without help.

Anyone who expects me to give him 10! dollars is NOT my friend.
I'll get my Spanish friend to give him 10! dolores.

hehehe, I might have to post that punchline to a few friends see who does the double take.

Give me 10! 10! 10!

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