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Mike's cat - not Schrödinger's cat - August 4, 2010
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Thanks to my ardent fans Vinit and Vibhor for this comic suggestion! :D

Spiked Math Comic - Mike's cat - not Schrödinger's cat

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hey! what is this? spiked physics?, still funny though

haha spiked physics
But I don't think I saw spiked chemistry or else

Ha ha ! Jerry would be happy if Tom had similar coefficient of friction

What is the joke here? \mu meow?

was that question strictly necessary?

mu\mew to be precise :)

▲ ▲

The spoken version of the joke:
Q: Two cats are on a slanted roof. Which one falls off first?

A: The one with the smallest "mu".

(As told to me by an Engineering Physics Undergrad)

if the cat had no \mu at all, then why bother even running... it can just slide away :)

This is great!

I really didn't get this. I thought I knew how Americans pronounce 'mu' and 'meow', and to my ear there's too little similarity to make a joke. Substituting Greek pronunciation of 'mu' or Finnish of 'meow' doesn't help at all. Oh, well. Lost in transl(itter)ation.

Don't think of meow. Think of mew as in the pokemon. The pronunciation is very similar there.

Thanks for the attempt at help, but... sorry. I don't do pokemon (born on the wrong decade for that), and I don't know what mew and/or pokemon have to do with cats. In other words, I appreciate the effort you put to an attempted explanation, but the explanation is likely to spawn more questions.... May be I'll just sit this one out :-)

in some parts of the world (England being one of them, I think) people say "mew" instead of "meow." The pokemon reference was just to help with pronunciation.

So if he had double the co-efficient, he'd be Mu-two?
And he'd be ready for the mother of all Pokemon battles.

so... the cat is alive? i mean, at least yours is

I am an American, and the joke makes sense to me. People say meow OR mew, not necessarily one or the other.

If the cat is frictionless, does that mean I can use him to slice through my enemies?

Furry cows moo and decompress.

Nice reference to this one
it was a reference, right?

Is it named "mittens" or "xi", by the way ?

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