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Jump to solutions - July 28, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Jump to solutions mat

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I love the last one :D

love the office space reference xD

Lower right is icredibly awesome.

If in doubt, jump back to "trivial" :D

Hey Mike! Are you Mike Flynn? the author of infinity in your pocket??

Nope, that's a different Mike.

I want one!

I want one too! :)

You need to take a jump to the left, and then a step to the right.

Wow we got Office Space, Fermat, Rocky Horror Picture Show going on here dang this is pro!

I noticed the Fermat, but what are the others? :S

... Shouldn't "double counting argument" be there twice? ...

Could I also recommend that on the *other side* is non-proof solutions: "by vigorous assertion", "by appeal to inaccessible references", "by waving hands", "by ad hominem, loser", et al.

Rocky Horror was the comment by MrBurkeMath about taking a jump to the left and a step to the right. It's part of the Time Warp song instructions.

I REALLY like this mat- I have a student who always is jumping to conclusions- it'd be a fantastic kinesthetic method of reminding him to slow down and think things thru :)

I think the Fermat's solution should be in the margin; to fill the box, add, "It is obvious that...". In most proofs that's good for five to 45 minutes of thought.

If you want to affix it permanently to a surface, you must use a red Boston Stapler...

It's missing the one with "You're am mathmatician. You can't even jump that far." AND I loved that movie ^^

Happy civic day Mike

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