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Mathematician anagrams - July 26, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Mathematician anagrams          Spiked Math Comic - Mathematician anagrams

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Care to explain? This is really "huh?".

This website may help explain it.

Thanks, but this is strange humour to me. haha.

That website was cool!
A main thematic

"Im Each Ant At MI"

Aha! Can't Mime It! ;)

Can Imitate Ham.

Or how about: (for mathematicians)
*Ahem* Tits: A Manic... Jacques Tits of course ;) or is he?

I'm θ maniac!

My favorite anagram of all time is "Mother in law" into "Woman Hitler"

One lecturer in my department once observed that "double sum" is an anagram of "submodule".

Apropos of little, my brother last night again pointed out that there has only ever been one Cobal program written. All others are merely modifications of that first program...

If you see anagrams as a way to modify a phrase, there is a tenuous link here. Which is how some mathematicians think.

Another: Mania chat time.

I quite like: Brainy coed - binary code

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