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Patch Notes - July 21, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Patch Notes

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Love the first one.

I've been waiting for the 7 colors for so long!

Corollary: all planar graphs must be drawn on Moebius Strips.

I'd also like to see:
Easy division by polynomials.

Proof by intuition no longer accessible: "Immediately obvious" or "From this, it is obvious that..." is no longer possible.

How about a rational value of π?

No solution for the Riemann Hypothesis? I'm disappointed.

Mathematics is an open source project. If you want a feature you need to patch it in yourself.

That won't be a patch. That'll be a full upgrade to a new version.
Will that be cash or credit?

I thought that 3rd one was already happening. I mean, do you see all those commercials?!

i like the 8th: 'due to loneliness..' awww, you'll always be #1 in my book :)

Do enough mac users actually use math to make the patch worth installing?

This is hilarious

wait... now numbers don't have a unique prime factorization!

They'l fix that in the next point release.

But 0.999... implies that there are random digits after the 9, not repeated 9s!

Also means that
0.8888888888888 in base 9 XD

best strip in a while :)

My probability goes up to 11.

The consequences will never be the same!

Don't forget the part where the journal mods grew tired of trolls submitting false proofs of the Riemann Hypothesis and attempted to implement a REALID system that forbids mathematicians from using pseudonyms. The backlash from that one was pretty severe so they dropped it.

i is now easy...

i had the 100. vote xD 5 stars :-D

I was really hoping for "Proof by Example" to be A-OK. Damn, back to the drawing board.

Being a mac user, I'm deeply offended by the author saying we can't write actual proofs.

Number of calculated digits of Archimedes constant now found to be a function of Apple pies baked worldwide.

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