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The adventures of Erdos - Part 5 - July 16, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The adventures of Erdos - Part 5

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i know someone who knew him close (one of my algebra professors), and she said that all these crazy stories are probably true, and told us a few more of them :)

Your prof was not Laura was she???

nope, she's piroska.

Hey, Spiked Math has just achieved 'too much' :D

He wore his pants very high.

Readers unfamiliar with Erdos should read "The Man Who Loved Only Numbers" by Paul Hoffman. It's a wonderful book filled with these wacky stories.

"What is the derivative of 2x (with respect to x)?"

Because that derivative is constant! :-)

LOL nice :)

Actually, it's to keep out the spammers and the like. But the "constant" reply works for me too!

That is correct. The bots can spam the default forms trivially but with this extra box that requires a certain value, the bots have trouble spamming it. It works very well and doesn't make it too complicated for the user (I hope).

It absolutely doesn't make users confused.
Because..the value is already written.

is it also possible to make sure that only mature comment will be here?(well, it is nearly impossible for a kid to learn calculus, right?)

That has an unverified, and likely untrue, assumption: that those who can learn calculus are mature. I may be chronologically adult, but who's going to make me grow up???

well, you are right, but not sure if completely.
at least, if you learn calculus, you may already have at least a little of Math foundation to read and make a comment.

Aspergers'. Definitely aspergers.

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