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The adventures of Erdos - Part 4 - July 15, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - The adventures of Erdos - Part 4

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Ok, so this is not joke either right?

Pal Erdos, the World's Most Beloved Mathematical Genius "Leaves".
And, yet, he's still here. Ah, that's why "leaves" is in quotes. I get it. Genius. Pure genius.

I'm pretty sure "leaves" is in quotes because Erdos referred to people who had stopped doing math as "dead", and said that people who died had "left".

I don't get it...

I found it funny... I thought he was waiting for someone, but it turns out he was just waiting time. So... ya... kinda chuckle worthy.

I think he was just doing complicated maths in his head.

This seems pretty common amongst mathematicians doing research. Just sitting and staring at nothing for long periods of time while doing math in your head.

Erdos apparently did this a lot and some Dean complained he was lazy, despite the fact he coauthored a crapload of mathematical papers.

most prolific author... erdos number...

A good case could be made for 2.

who are the others to consider?

Anyone he corroborated with has an Erdos number of 1, thus he gets a 2.

Nope, his Erdos number was 1. He was an author on a paper that was co-authored by Erdos, so his Erdos number is 1.

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