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Batman has no boundaries - July 6, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Batman has no boundaries

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============ whoosh ==============>
(my head)

im using the same over my haed line as mrburkemath,

This might be useful if you've no idea what this is about (like me).

Robin Boundary Conditions

Ah, thank you for the explanation (and the cheat link). Now, that's actually clever. Unfortunately, I hadn't a clue what to search on, and searching on random greek letters doesn't work too well. (You get lots of hits for fraternities.)

Woot! I actually knew what this one was about! I must say though, I've never actually used Robin (afaik, pronounced ro-bai with a silent n, think french ;-)) boundary conditions, except in the PDEs course where they were introduced...

lol i had a similar mental image when i first read about it :P

ah, young robin. you will learn. soon you will transcend the limits of modern day mathematics (pun intended)

This site is definitely more educational than xkcd. I keep having to look up stuff I forgot. It's kinda cool. :-)

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