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Don't forget your compass set! - June 18, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Don't forget your compass set!

Some fun Friday math links:

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you could also use the protractor to prove the bully was obtuse

reason 17: It makes airport security fun.
reason 21: Makes an excellent last minute gift.
reason 45: In case you need to circle something. With a circle.
reason 7^(5^(19^21)): Do math.

Reason 17--because the TSA doesn't like people carrying Instruments of Math Instruction on airplanes?

I got my stuff searched because I had a tuning fork in my bag...

Musicians and Mathematicians unite! One of my friends was searched for having a drum key too.

Also the reason why we now have to use the crappy, plastic compasses in our school.

When I get my diploma, I am *totally* going to start wearing a cape and crown everywhere. Oh, and stab bullies with my geometry equipment.
(and the probably get arrested and/or committed, but it'll be worth it!)

Aww, it is the mathematician from the painting in the first comic. :D

how the hell did you notice that...

Not that hard to notice, but how (and why) did Micco remember that?

autistic savant?

I just accidentally clicked the First button. :-P

Oh yeah the compass, all my etudes i was wondering what can i do whith it in my life! Now i have the answer, thanks for sharing your amusing drawings

this encompasses my entire math knowlegde

use a divider and poke 2 holes :)

Oh yeah! Gotta try and get a compass thru airport security one of these days! My brother-in-law found it amusing that I had my geometry set with me at the (extended) family summer cottage.

heh, I've never had a problem with compasses at airports...

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