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Cauchy-Schwarzenegger inequality - June 17, 2010
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Spiked Math Comic - Cauchy-Schwarzenegger inequality

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how do you multiply their lengths?

oh, i get it. 'lengths'. that's why the product is bigger than the set. right?

lol, that's hilarious becuase, uh... well... alright i admit it, i don't get it

If it is dirac notation, then that is the probability of cauchy turning into schwarzenegger. Perhaps that helps?

Testing out a rating system (javascript required for this one). Let me know of any problems ^_^

Although I know the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality and stuff, I fail to get this. Also, how is the norm defined on people?

You have Cauchy and Shwarz picture used into a Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. That's the joke.

Yup. Was the best I could come up with.

I would recommend you to ask yourself: How can I define norm on people?
It will be a lot of fun (I promise) answering that one.
Also, try defining a topology for R={x, for every x that is a relationship} where open relationships are open sets.

I read it as: Cauchy and Schwarzenegger doing IT together is \le if they do (the sqr root of) IT to themselves..."IT" being inner-product of course ;o)

\le means <= (when are will the web start compiling Tex for us all?)

<= (sorry, I missed the < comment when posting....when will the internet start compiling Tex for us?!)

Hey Mike did you miss the ^2 there?

Depends on how you write the CS-inequality. The way I have it now is using norms so you don't need the 2.

and the ratings are kewl...

Thanks! I also created a top rated comics page (sneak peak).
Basically it pulls entries from the database with a minimum average rating of 4.9. Since I just added the ratings yesterday, it'll take a while before the page reflects what is actually good.

Kewl I think this link needs to go up on all pages too :) Way to go Mike

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