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Matrix Multiplication - June 13, 2010
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Just a quickie today:

Spiked Math Comic - Matrix Multiplication

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If I calculate the matrices, will I find something funny or not?

no, the joke is that they could only multiply if they switched sides

Heh, they cannot "multiply" unless they switch sides. Clever!

then the kid will have his (her) mother's size, and his (her) father's columns!

is there something about a gender of a matrix?

mistake.. mother should be 3 cross 4 matrix

It's supposed to be backwards. That's the joke.

she has to transpose!

So, she has to roll over?

she should have an affair with a rotational matrix.

It would be tough to multiply that way.

Hahahah ahaha ha ahahaha hahahaha ahhh. Oh, Spiked Math, you do it again!

I always thought there was an upper limit to the number of entertaining "LOL... multiplication!" jokes that could be made, but this site is providing compelling annecdotal evidence to the contrary.



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